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Eid Ul Fitr

A Great Celebration
Why do Muslims celebrate Eid Ul Fitr?
Eid Ul Fitr is a joyous festival which falls on the first of Shawal, after the fasting month of Ramadhan. Muslims around the world celebrate this day to show their happiness and thanks for the health, strength and other things in life which Allah has given to them to fulfill their act of fasting and other good deeds during the blessed month of Ramadhan.

The Sunnah of Eid Ul Fitr
1. Wake up early on the day of Eid Ul Fitr.
2. Perform the Fajr Prayer.
3. Prepare for personal cleanliness and clothing.
4. Take a bath after Fajr.
5. Brush your teeth. Preferably using the Miswak.
6. Put on your best clothes available.
6. For men, use perfume.
7. Have breakfast at home before going to the mosque or prayer ground.
8. Go to the prayer ground early.
9. Pay your zakat before Solat Eid Ul Fitr starts.
10. Use two different routes to and from the mosque.
11. Recite the following Takbir on the way to the mosque until the start of Solat:
Allahu Akbar (x3). Laa Ila Ha Ilallahu Wallahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar Wa Lillahil Hamd. (Allah is The Greatest (x3), There is no God but Allah. Allah is The Greatest and all praises are for Allah).

Eid Ul Fitr Celebrations
Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated in different ways in different countries or regions. Cultural aspects of the place a muslim lives in or his race influences the way Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated. For instance, muslims in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia are not really well acquainted with the term 'Eid Ul Fitr' or 'Eid Mubarak'. Instead they use the greeting 'Salam Aidilfitri' or most commonly, 'Selamat Hari Raya' or 'Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Dan Batin'.

Eid Ul Fitr is highly associated with visiting one another, strengthening family and friendship bonds and asking for forgiveness. In Southeast Asia, Eid Ul Fitri is celebrated for the whole month of Syawal while in other regions like the Middle East it is usually celebrated for only 1 - 3 days. In Singapore, Eid Ul Fitr is a national public holiday and for Malaysia, it's a week off for the whole nation!

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Random Hadith!

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
"The Prophet said, 'When you eat, do not wipe your hands till you have licked it, or had it licked by somebody else.'"
- Sahih Bukhari (7:65:366)

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